Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Professional Asperations

Hello, my name is Lauren. Since I was 17 I have been slowly working toward my B.A. in teaching (I am now 24). It has been a slow and tedious process. I have hit many bumps and also many wall along the way. I have thought about giving up many times during this journey to stayed true to the cause. See I want to teach High School English. My husband thinks I am crazy, however I feel the need to teach and if I am going to teach it will be High School students. I have always connected well with the teenage generation.

I have known that I was supposed teach for most of my life. Now that I am on the verge of doing so I am very excited to do so. I look forward to my own classroom and my own group of kids. To helping mold their growing minds and spirits. Now, I have no delusions of grander but I do know that if I can touch one life a year I am doing my job. My husband thinks that kids are gone (set in their ways) by the time they reach High School but I know they are still mailable. I have an advantage, as of right now, in making contact with these children. I am only 24, I know that I had some teachers that were young and I felt they understood me better. Therefore I was more likely to listen and absorb the thoughts they were expressing.

I feel that I was born for this job. I know that everything I have done leading up to this point in my life has molded me for molding minds. As a child, I was always helping other children with work in class. Unfortunately, at times, I would do this to my own detriment. I have always been driven towards teaching. I am greatly looking forward to the day when I am turned loose to transform whom I may.